Premium Aromatic Rice (Javaphool Rice) 1kg

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Premium Aromatic Rice (Javaphool Rice):

Product Name :Premium Aromatic Rice (Javaphool Rice)
Crop Variety : Traditional
Geo Tag (Place of Origin): Seoni,MP

Brief Description:                                                                       

Jeeraphool Rice is a varieties of rice. This are a Non- Basmati aromatic short to medium grain rice. These are traditional Indian cultivar with intermediate amylose and gelatinization temperature. These are most common in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.                                 

General Health Benefits:

It contains higher concentrations of the essential elements selenium and zinc
Aromatic rice provide fast and instant energy to the Body.  
No sugar, Good for High blood pressure people.
No cholesterol, good for heart.
It is an excellent food to include in a balanced diet.
It also helps prevent constipation.
Best for Diabetes and Obese


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Premium Aromatic Rice (Javaphool Rice) 1kg

Premium Aromatic Rice (Javaphool Rice) 1kg