Nannari Powder (Hemidesmus indicus) (50g)

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This plant found in South Asia.  The roots are known to be very aromatic, emitting a sweet scent reminiscent of a combination of vanilla, cinnamon and almonds. It is used to make beverages and also used in traditional medicine. It is used in the form of powder, infusion or decoction as syrup.  The syrup made with an infusion of the roots is used to make a Sherbet, and is served at most small refreshment shops in South India.

General uses:
A blood purifier protects skin from infections.
Clear heat and inflammation from the skin. stops itching and reduces supperation.
General debility is well treated by this herb, which is a tonic and strengthens the immune system.
It is pitta pacifier and anti-inflammatory, best medicine for blood disorders.


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Nannari Powder (Hemidesmus indicus) (50g)

Nannari Powder (Hemidesmus indicus) (50g)