Brown Rice 1kg

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Brown Rice:

Product Name : Brown Rice
Crop Variety : Artisanal
Geo Tag (Place of Origin): Coimbatore, TN


Brown rice is basically partially milled and polished rice. All types of rice are originally brown rice before they are processed into white rice. The removal of only the outermost layer (husk) of rice grains produces brown rice. When the next layers underneath the husk (the bran and the germ) are removed, the remaining starchy endosperm produces the white rice. This process strips out several of the nutrients, dietary minerals and almost all of the rice fiber.                                                                           

It is control of weight and diabetes, the lowering of plasma cholesterol levels.
The rice is also recommended for prevention of breast cancer.
Brown rice can substantially reduce the risk of colon cancer.
Brown rice reduces risk of heart disease, stroke and reduces severity of asthma.
It is helps digestion and reduces constipation. The fibre in this rice helps avoid Type II diabetes.
Eating a serving of brown rice, at least 6 times a week is especially useful for postmenopausal women with high cholesterol, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.
The insoluble fibres in Brown rice are helpful for the women to prevent gallstones.


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Brown Rice 1kg

Brown Rice 1kg