Our Company

India’s rich culture and its bio-diversity creates a magic known as Indian food globally. Our curries have colonised the United Kingdom while our spices have known to have bankrupted the Roman empire. Drawing inspiration from India's 5000 years old agrarian traditions and its food-diversity, EKGAON has created the ‘One Village One World Network’ across 10,000 villages over 13 years. This network prides itself in respecting and nurturing India's traditional knowledge, its indigenous wisdom and its spiritual principles that guide food habits across its diverse regions. EKGAON network works across agricultural value chains from production, processing to distribution in order to bring unique products from community-based enterprises. These products include organic produce, desi-pulses, rare-herbs, spices and staples to markets.

EKGAON is leading social enterprise in India that works with a vast range of bio-diverse community-based organic/natural food products using sustainable, equitable and ethical principles. We painstakingly curate our products by exploring, discovering and extracting/growing abundant food variety and thus restoring the forgotten food-diversity through traditional techniques. We use state of the art technology, tools to connect to more then 20,000 farmers and over 20 artisan-producer organisations to bring over 100 premium food products to markets, ensuring quality assurance across the value chain.

At EKGAON we work on day-to-day basis with small farmers, mostly women from tribal communities and food artisans to conserve, revive and sustain our bio-diversity and food heritage. We create value-added products using locally sourced food ingredients. Through our enterprise, we aim to build local community capacity to manage the value chain and create premium quality artisan food products. At EKGAON we put farmers first. We strive to share farmers' lives, their stories and encourage them to produce quality crops that are grown with labour of love. We bring these 'authentic', products to our customers. Our activities are done based on a value chain of TRUST. We build our trust through:

– Knowledge of product (Know Your Product) – the origin of the produce can be traced through our system (geo-tagged), farmer's name, farm and its packaging etc can be traced for all to see.

– Stories of farmers growing produce - Each produce is tagged with “Know Your Farmer” sticker, which takes the customer to the story of farmer
– Benefit branding of product - A brand that makes farmers stakeholders in the profits, providing them end-sales bonus and retaining there interest to produce quality crops
– Equitable & Ethical trade practices across the supply chain - Using mobiles apps to track compliance across the supply chain.
– Improving production & mitigating risk – Improving crop production and farm productivity while mitigating risk to crop through mobile advisories and access to insurance
– Building Grassroots Institutions – that promote and support farmers/producers owned institutions

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